Health & Fitness Tactics

There is no doubt that it takes a certain systematic approach to get into the most optimal state of body and business. Despite the fact that making the right decisions is dramatically based on just being aware of what you are doing and what decisions you are making. The purpose of OptimizeCEO’s Optimized Tactics is to give you tools that you can use to specifically improve one area of your life and your health. By taking the appropriate steps and optimizing one action at a time, you can create a steamroller effect in everything else.

Eating-Out Cheatsheet

Eating out is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in business. Constantly being bombarded by the wrong foods at the wrong times will leave you unproductive and worst of all weak and lacking performance. This cheatsheet is designed to give you a breakdown of what you can order at just about any genre of restaurant to stay optimized.

Uncovering which foods cause fatigue and which foods can stunt your progress is key to starting the chain reaction of a better brain and body.

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Going Out to Drink and Staying Optimized

Alcohol. It’s a real factor that plays into how we feel and ultimately how we look. When you’re in business, you know how difficult it can be abstain from going out to drink with colleagues or clients. The truth is, although opting for water or iced-tea is best, there are some alcoholic drinks that you can have that will not impact you as negatively as others.

This cheatsheet shows you what you need to be mindful of the choices that you make when it comes to drinking. Reducing the affects of acetaldehyde (the toxic component of alcohol) can drastically change how easily you recover from a night out.

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Getting By On Less Sleep… Easily

Sleep is always looked at as something that is fixed, immobile and resistant to change. We are told we need a solid eight hours and that that is the case for everyone. But we know as businesspeople or busy people in general that we aren’t always wired to sleep that much. Sometimes we are tired, but other times we are wired and thinking about work or how to be more productive.

This cheatsheet instructs you with tangible steps that you can take to enhance the amount of sleep that you already are getting. Maybe you’re only getting four hours of sleep? But a 100% effective four hours of sleep is much better than a disrupted four hours. What you eat and what you do prior to climbing in bed could allow you to get more waking hours to be productive.

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Cheatsheet for Being Prepared

Planning is key. The secret to success in business, health, and even family is having a plan of attack to take action on. In this spirit of being able to take action and execute on things that matter, it’s critical to know what to execute on. The problem is that when you hit unexpected delays or even impromptu meetings, it throws a wrench in your plans. So the trick here is to “be prepared to be prepared.”

The purpose of this cheatsheet is to give you a breakdown of what you can physically keep in your glovebox, briefcase, or office that you can turn to when you hit an unexpected bump in the road. These non-perishable foods can be what separates you from making a poor decision that sets back your performance and your appearance at that last-minute meeting. Being satiated will allow you to make a conscious, clear decision when going into a situation where temptation has the potential to rear its ugly head.

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