Client Testimonials

Here’s What a Few of My 1:1 Clients Have Had to Say

Bryan Zimmerman – CoFounder JV Zoo 

Adam Lyons, Entrepreneur

Stephen Dedola, Executive with Global Logistics Company

I took back my health with the assistance of Thomas DeLauer and Organic Fit. At 38, I was overweight, pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and was headed for a life of daily medication. Trying to get my health under control alone, I was failing miserably. I had almost lost all hope, then i found Thomas DeLauer. With his assistance in just 6 weeks, I regained my health. Following this simple plan my cholesterol and A1C dropped to a healthy range. I’ve lost 13 pounds and counting. I feel more energetic and full of life. Organic Fit is not a diet, it’s a way of living!
Joni Mohawk, 38 Norman OK

6 weeks ago I was picked along with 99 other people for an amazing journey to a healthier lifestyle by the amazing Thomas DeLauer and Organic Fit. I started my journey weighing 290 and wearing a size 22, now today I’ve lost 17 lbs and 2 pant sizes. I can fit into clothes I’ve not worn in over a year. It’s not just the weight though I have more energy and I feel great. Thomas DeLauer and Organic Fit took a big leap with this group and with me and all I have to say is Thank You so much Thomas DeLauer and Organic Fit!!! You have changed my life and the way I look at fitness and eating clean in a whole new way.
Joni Mohawk, 38 Norman OK

Sad that this is the final week of the challenge, you have given me the tools to live a healthier life. Going to take me awhile to get to my goal but I can say I am on the right path now. Thank you for this opportunity!!
Lorie Wolfenbarger

Down from 315 starting weight to 292.8. Hoping to cross the 290 barrier by the end of the weekend. *fingers crossed and gym shoes ready*
Kreig Merrell

I’m 40 and between poor eating habits and 2 pregnancies that I gained 60 lbs each. I finally see my old stomach again. Woo hoo!!
Suzy Owen Bevan

On April 1 I started a journey with Thomas Delauer and OrganicFit. It is totally amazing what a difference 6 weeks can make in one life. By eating cleaner and working out lost 18 lbs but more important my life has improved. I have more energy and overall I am happier. I owe this all to Thomas DeLauer and OrganicFit for giving me the motivation and tools to make these changes. You guys ROCK!
Denise Corradetti

Thomas DeLauer & OrganicFit helped me to stop “dieting” and create a healthy lifestyle that I can stick to! I’ve not only lost weight but feel healthy, energized and overall amazing!!
Johnna Kunkel