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These are the top three vitamins, minerals, and supplements that I simply wouldn’t live without in order to allow me to stay lean while still operating at a maximum mental capacity.


Thomas DeLauer

Business and Entrepreneur Optimization and Performance Coach

Finding the Balance between Body, Brain, Business and Family. How to harness your skills in business to optimize your body. I take pride not only in what I do, but in the success of those around me. Tapping into the levels of discipline that make you successful in one aspect of life, and correlating them with other aspects of their life and business.

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Work/Life Balance – Reimagined

We are constantly reminded of the work/life balance and how integral it is to a happy life. But I know that as a top performer the idea of balance can be de-motivating. I encourage my clients to reestablish their view on balance as not something that forces them to bring their work ethic down to other avenues of their life, but to bring those other avenues UP to the levels of discipline and focus that they have in the best areas of their life. If you’re in business, you’re hard wired for optimization, we just have to tap into it… using health and performance as the platform.

Reimagine your balance.

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How Estrogen Works in the Body and How to Control it Hormones are chemical messengers that our body creates to control major body functions. There are many hormones, and the more that we understand each and how they work in our bodies the more in control we can be of our health and wellbeing. Any […]

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Is Drinking Too Much Water Holding You Back?

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